Ji Chang Wook’s “The Sound of Magic” Hits Number 5 On Netflix Charts Worldwide

The Sound of Magic” captured the attention of viewers all across the world.

According to FlixPatrol, an online content service rating aggregation site, as of May 11th, “The Sound of Magic,” a Korean production, was ranked first in “Netflix Popular TV Programs” in 15 countries worldwide. It finished 5th in the overall standings.

“The Sound of Magic” is a new Netflix original series that premiered on May 6th in 190 countries at the same time. “The Sound of Magic” is the English title.

This musical narrates the story of a strange magician Ri Eul (Ji Chang Wook) who emerges unexpectedly in front of a girl who has lost her dream, Yoon Ai (Choi Seong Eun), and a boy who is forced to dream, Nile Deung (Hwang In Yeop).

It is based on the webtoon “Sambong Barbershop,” “The God of Bath,” and “Taste of a Bottle” by Ha Il Kwon.

In Korean works, the form of a’music drama,’ in which actors sing and dance in the middle of a play, has proven difficult to discover.

The diversity strategy that emerged in the OTT (Over the Top service, a service that provides media content such as broadcast programs and movies over the open Internet) era is also evident in other works, but director Kim Seong Yoon faced a challenge in attempting to create a drama that combines musicals.

Through behind-the-scenes work, director Kim says that he did not aim to film a music drama from the start, but he brought music to emphasize the main character’s feelings.

Although it was not done on purpose, this form of “music drama” is responsible for its popularity in nations such as India.

India is the birthplace of the Bollywood genre, and musical elements such as music and dance emerge in the film to guide the atmosphere of the play.

Scenes of students dancing and singing together appear multiple times in “The Sound of Magic,” and these are studied as aspects that caught the hearts of Indian viewers.

FlixPatrol ranks each country based on the top ten rankings provided by Netflix, then aggregates and publishes the results.

According to the information revealed this afternoon, “The Sound of Magic” was the most watched television program in 15 of 42 nations. Bahrain, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives, Oman, Pakistan, the Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka are among the countries represented.



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