EXO’s Chen Surprises Fans With Video For Original Song “Hold You Tight”, And Here’s Why They Can’t Stop Praising Him

EXO Chen, who returned to his fans after finishing his military service last month, presented a sweet song for his fans.

On May 11th, Chen posted a video on his YouTube channel singing “Hold You Tight“.

Hold You Tight” is a romantic confession song released by Chen in October 2019. The lyrics are very beautiful as it is a song that contains affection for the person you love.

In the video, which was uploaded for the first time in two years, Chen captivated fans by showing off his sweet voice.

With his amazing sense of rhythm, Chen not only easily digested high notes, but also drew attention because he was good at empathizing with the song.

His near-perfect song made Chen look forward to his future activities.

Chen, who has not met his fans for a long time to fulfill his military duties, is scheduled to attend the SM Town Tokyo concert in August.

Already, those who miss Chen‘s stage are showing an explosive response.

Meanwhile, Chen announced her pregnancy in January 2020 along with her marriage to the general public and reported her birth daughter in April of the same year.

Fans who heard Chen‘s unexpected news were shocked but congratulated him.

Since then, Chen, who joined the army in October 2020, said he had a second child while serving in January this year.



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