2PM Jun Ho Transformation Throughout The Years

Jun Ho, who is active as a singer and actor, is increasingly showing a mature appearance and a solemn atmosphere, making fans excited.

WhileJun Ho, who played Lee San in the MBC drama “The Red Sleeve” that ended in January this year, is receiving a lot of love, his early debut appearance, which showed off his fresh charm, is drawing attention again.

Jun Ho, who made his debut with the group “2PM” in 2008, attracted many older sister fans with his baby-like visuals at the age of 19.

Jun Ho, who has monolid eyes, had a strong image of a cute younger man at the time due to his pretty bent eyes smile. He was loved by his sister’s fans for his round features.

Since then, Jun Ho‘s maturing appearance has begun to catch attention as he worked on the song “My House” in 2015.

During his “My House” activities, Jun Hohad a much wider shoulder and slim face shape than at the beginning of his debut thanks to his hard management.

Through the 2021 drama “The Red SleeveJun Ho completely took off his baby-like appearance and showed off his muscular body and showed off his “manly man” aspect.

Jun Ho showed off his open shoulders and firmly established six-pack and captured the hearts of women with his low mid-to-low voice.

Also, Jun Ho lost 16kg through dieting, and he has more defined features.

There is a lot of interest in Jun Ho future activities, who is breaking away from his baby-like image at the beginning of his debut and entering his heyday with a new look.


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