2PM Jun Ho, The First Idol To Win The Actor Award “Korean PD Award”

Jun Ho, who is active as a singer and actor, enjoyed the honor of winning the “Korea PD Awards” actor award for the first time as an idol.

On April 6, the Korea PD Association released the results of awards in each category of the 34th Korea PD Awards.

Jun Ho, who was loved by the MBC drama “The Red Sleeve,” was selected as the winner of the talent category, drawing attention.

This award is given to only one actor, both male, and female, and it is more meaningful to be judged and selected by incumbent producers.

In particular, actors such as Cha In Pyo, Ryu Seung Beom, Song Il Guk, Kim Myung Min, Ko Hyun Jung, Shin Ha Kyun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Nam Gil, and Nam Gung Min have won the “Korea PD Awards” actor award.

Among them, Jun Ho became the first idol to win the award, making headlines.

In the drama “The Red Sleeve” which ended in January this year, Jun Ho perfectly played the role of Lee San and was recognized for his excellent talent as an actor.

He performed his lines with an attractive voice that captivated his ears and showed a desperate romance through delicate emotional acting.

Jun Ho, who properly impressed himself as a talented actor, received love calls in works, entertainment shows, and advertisements after “The Red Sleeve“,

Meanwhile, Jun Ho debuted as a singer in 2008 through the boy band 2PM.

Jun Ho, who made fans excited by showing off his outstanding singing and dancing skills even when he was a singer, is now considered an “actor who can do everything” by proving his acting skills.


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