The Mapo Police Station Considers Cancelling Henry’s Ambassadorship In School Violence Prevention

The Seoul Mapo Police Station, which appointed singer Henry as a public relations ambassador for school violence prevention, is considering a withdrawal.

According to Money Today on the 21st, an official from the Mapo Police Station in Seoul, who appointed Henry as an ambassador for school violence prevention, said, “The ambassador is an activity free of charge by celebrities with busy schedules. The police should be in a position to ask.”

An official said, “Henry expressed his willingness despite his busy schedule.

Henry said, “I want to visit the school in person,” and “I will upload the video on my SNS account.”

An official said, “We are taking a strict look at the situation.”

An official said, “Considering the public opinion in the future, we will comprehensively review whether to withdraw.”

On March 16, the Seoul Mapo Police Station appointed Henry as an ambassador for school violence prevention.

In response, netizens demanded that Henry be withdrawn on the grounds of his pro-friendliness.

Later, Henry posted on his SNS, “First of all, I’m sorry if I did anything wrong, and I’m sorry for everything I did wrong.”

However, people pointed out, “Henry, who was usually good at Korean, spoke poor Korean through an apology. It’s a heartless apology.”

In response, Henry’s agency explained, “We apologize for causing confusion due to inaccurate notation and unrefined expression.


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