Netizens Make “Predictions” On The Ending of “A Business Proposal” Based On Final Episode Leaked Photos

The audience are making predictions over the ending of “A Business Proposal“.

A Business Proposal” has already gone halfway through its broadcast and March 21 is also the day the crew finished the last scenes.

Along with that, the images in the final episode of the series were also leaked on social media platforms, causing confusion in public opinion about the ending.

Ha Ri now has a more stylish and luxurious style

Accordingly, the female lead Shin Ha Ri ( Kim Se Jeong ) is dragging her suitcase into a taxi and is about to leave. She and Kang Tae Moo ( Ahn Hyo Seop ) hugged each other tightly in front of the car as if saying goodbye.

Ha Ri at this time has a youthful style of dress, very different from usual, when wearing a yellow dress, white shirt, glasses, long hair and dyed black.

Many people look at the picture and suspect that the series has a sad ending – the female lead goes to study abroad, leaving the male lead or now the female lead has returned from studying abroad and the male lead goes to the airport to pick her up.

Ha Ri sat in the car and Tae Moo stood outside
Both hug each other

Others believe that the couple is on their honeymoon or that it is not the last scene of the series. Accordingly, it is possible that the two are going on a honeymoon or going to Hawaii as in the original.

At the same time, many fans also believe that the series will have a happy ending like in the story, so they are looking forward to it.

Netizen’s commented:

  • “I can’t believe they broke up. I’m going to cry a river”
  • ” It looks like we’re on a honeymoon. That’s right.”
  • “Please. Don’t have a sad ending”
  • “No one goes to study abroad wearing such clothes”
  • “Honeymoon or vacation, but you can’t study abroad”
  • “According to the story, It is a happy ending, so don’t worry too much!”
  • “He’s rich, so why study abroad?”
  • “I don’t think it’s the last scene.”



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