Wonder Girls’ Woo Hye Rim And Shin Min Chul Revealed Their First Born

The son of Woo Hye Rim, a former Wonder Girls member, and Shin Min Chul, a taekwondo player, was released for the first time on the air.

In KBS2’s ‘Godfather’, which aired on Marcg 2, the appearance of Woo Hye Rim‘s son Sa Rang (Tae Myung) appeared.

MC Lee Geum Hee said, “Our Sarang has finally been born. Congratulations.”

The scene continued with a video taken by Shin Min Chul right after the child was born.

Sa Rang cried loudly that caught the attention of many people.

Lee Geum Hee announced, “Sarang was born at 3:45 pm on Wednesday, February 23.”

“It is said that he came out ten days earlier than the expected date. He must have wanted to meet Mom and Dad sooner.” he continued

Lee Geum Hee said that Sarang was born with a weight of 3.1 kg, and that he and Woo Hye Rim are both in good health.

At the same time, a photo of Woo Hye Rim, Shin Min Chul, and Sa Rang was also released.

When Lee Geum Hee saw Shin Min Cheol holding Sa Rang, said, “He looks just like his father,” and MC Lee Jin Hyuk said, “You look strong and cute”.

When Shin Min Cheol saw Sa Rang‘s eyes open, he was very much in love.


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