BTOB’s Lee Min Hyuk Photoshoot With His Brother Made The Fans Confused, “Who the hell is Lee Min Hyuk?”

BTOB‘s Lee Min Hyuk, who is about to make a comeback as a group after 4 years of military service, has revealed the appearance of his brother who looks like his twin.

On February 23, Lee Min Hyuk posted three photos on his Instagram along with the words “Lee bro“.

In the photo, Lee Min Hyuk and his handsome older brother are in a dynamic pose in what appears to be a photoshoot site.

The two captured the attention of fans because they resembled their V-line jawline and tall nose, as well as sharp eyes.

Lee Min Hyuk has a similar body type and hairstyle so it is difficult to distinguish who is Lee Min Hyuk

In fact, some BTOB fans were confused by saying, “Who the hell is Lee Min Hyuk?“, causing laughter.

Meanwhile, it is known thatLee Min Hyuk is very dependent on his older brother.

When Lee Min Hyuk released his solo album after 7 years of debut in 2019, he confessed that his older brother was a big help.

At the time, Lee Min Hyuk said “My brother gave me a lot of courage. ‘You are talented and can do it well enough as a solo’ he said to me. So I wanted to try it. From planning the album to the completion stage, my brother and composers struggled. We discussed everything in general.”


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