Cho Yi Hyun Shocked Everyone With The Thing That She Revealed

Actor Cho Yi Hyun shocked everyone when she revealed that she had never experienced romance in high school.

On February 18, W KOREA released an interview video with Cho Yi Hyun through the official YouTube channel.

In the released video, Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ contained content that dealt with Cho Yi Hyun, not Choi Nam Ra.

When asked what kind of student she was in high school, Cho Yi Hyun answered, “I was just a hard-working student.”

She then said that there was no romance like Choi Nam Ra and Lee Su Hyeok (Romon), the couple in ”All Of Us Are Dead‘.

Cho Yi Hyun initiates laughter by showing herself drinking Coke to see if she was upset by the love story.

Cho Yi Hyun previously confessed that she did not have a first love yet in an interview with Ohsen at the end of KBS2’s ‘School 2021’ in January.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a proper love. I don’t know if we will meet someday, but I don’t know yet,” he said.

Also, in a recent interview with his agency Artist Company, she made a happy round when asked, “What kind of the first date do you hope for after the ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ zombie virus is over?”

Cho Yi Hyun, who is called ‘Gukbap Lover’, smiled, saying, “If there is a zombie apocalypse, I can’t eat, so I want to have a bowl of hot soup with my boyfriend.”

Meanwhile, Cho Yi Hyun made a mark on the public by showing off her immersive acting skills in the role of class leader Choi Nam Ra in ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘, which was revealed last month. 


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