Chinese Netizens Attacks Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon for Uploading Photo Wearing A Hanbok

A photo of girl group Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon wearing a hanbok was released, while Chinese netizens poured out malicious comments.

Recently, Hyoyeon posted several photos on her Instagram.

In the published photos, you can see Hyoyeon wearing a hanbok and showing off her elegant figure.

Hyoyeon caught the attention of people by posing in various poses with her fan spread out.

Hyoyeon also wrote, “Korean hanbok is beautiful” along with the photo.

While many fans cheered, a Chinese netizen frowned by attacking malicious comments.

They poured out vomit emoticons and excessive criticism and abusive language, and Hyoyeon eventually closed the comment window on the post.

On the other hand, recently, at the opening ceremony of the “2022 Beijing Winter Olympics“, a woman wearing a hanbok appeared as a representative of a minority Chinese ethnic group, and the controversy over the ‘hanbok fair‘ intensified.

After that, Hyoyeon, BTS’ Suga, and actor Lee Jong hyuk posted ‘hanbok authentication shots‘ one after another on social media.



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