BTS Jimin Receives An “Honorary Diploma” After 11 Years From Busan Arts High School

BTS member Jimin received an honorary diploma from Busan Arts High School, where he spent his school days.

On February 11th, Busan Arts High School announced, “The honorary diploma was awarded to Jimin at the graduation ceremony held on February 9th“.

The school explained, “The diploma was awarded at the discretion of the principal in recognition of Jimin’s great contribution to the field of Korean culture and arts“.

Jimin‘s father attended the graduation ceremony and received an honorary diploma instead.

My father also received a plaque of appreciation for his contributions to the school development fund.

The school said, “Thanks to Jimin and his father who helped the school a lot, we even replaced the facilities in the school“.

Jimin entered the dance department in 2011 as the head of the entire Busan Arts High School.

It was the first time Jimin had ever been the top of the dance department at the school, so it became a huge topic of discussion.

In 2012, Jimin left his hometown of Busan to pursue his dream of becoming a singer and transferred to Korea Arts High School in Seoul.



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