Park Ji Hoo Expressed Her Excitement For Season 2 Of ‘All of Us Are Dead’, “I wish that Cheongsan is still alive”

Actor Park Ji Hoo expressed her anticipation for season 2 of ‘All of Us Are Dead‘.

The recently released ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ is based on a webtoon of the same name, and tells the story of students who are isolated in a school where the zombie virus started and struggle together to survive.

Directed by Lee Jae Gyu and written by Cheon Seong Il. In addition, Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, Romon, Yoo In Soo, Lee Yoo Mi, and Lim Jae Hyuk appeared as students.

In response to the popularity of ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, which has been gaining a lot of love for 10 days in a row, Park Ji Hoo said in an online interview, “I feel shaky and grateful.”

Park Ji Hoo took on the role of Nam On Jo, who has an easygoing and pleasant personality. In particular, there is a scene in which Onjo confesses to his old friend Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young).

However, Cheongsan fought with Yoon Gwi Nam (Yoo In Soo), the best villain in the play, and was bitten by Gwi Nam, and the place where the two were fighting was burned.

With this, many viewers longed for season 2 and responded that it would be good for Cheongsan to be alive.

Park Ji Hoo also said, “I wish that Cheong San is still alive.”

“I have a feeling that if Cheongsan is still alive, he won’t be alive as a human.”, she added

“Cheongsan confessed to Onjo, but he didn’t get an answer. I think it would be good to add an answer in season 2.”, she explained

At the end of the drama, Choi Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun), who has been bitten by the zombie but doesn’t turn one raises curiosity among fans.

Park Ji Hoo said, “Nam Ra says that she has several more friends like her. (If season 2 comes out), it might be a confrontation between zombies and survivors. The surviving friends have experienced a (zombie) incident once, so they will be able to cope with the zombies a little better. I think I can,”


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