Lee Yoo Mi Confessed That She Is Not Satisfied With Her Own Appearance

Lee Yoo Mi became a popular actress with consecutive hits with Netflix’s ‘Squid Game‘ and ‘All of Us Are Dead

Lee Yoo Mi, who made a mark on the public with her two dramas, is actually a 14-year veteran actress.

She gained great popularity regardless of age or gender with his delicate acting lines and attractive masks with high suction power.

Fans are responding that the more they see the faces of various actors in Lee Yoo Mi, the more personality they see. 

However, the parties had a different opinions. Lee Yoo Mi was not satisfied with her own appearance.

In an interview with Newsis in 2019, Lee Yoo Mi revealed that she had a ‘look complex’ before her debut.

Yumi Lee confessed to her mother, “What should I do with this nose?” 

But Lee Yoo Mi suddenly showed confidence by saying, “I love my face more than anyone now. Isn’t it attractive?”

Lee Yoo Mi overcame her appearance complex by recalling the words ‘love yourself’ that BTS chanted.

It is said that she smiled, saying, “It would have been worse if only the nose was high on this face.” 


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