VIVIZ (GFriend’s SinB, Eunha and Umji) Make Their Debut With ‘BOP BOP!’

Leaving behind the name of the group GFRIEND, which has been called for seven years, SinB, Umji, and Eunbi (Eunha) have re-debuted as a new group called VIVIZ, named after each letter.

On February 9th, VIVIZ first unveiled the stage they had honed through a showcase to commemorate the release of their first mini album “Beam of Prism,” expressing confidence, saying, “We prepared it with a mind of no regrets“.

The album included seven songs, including the title song BOP BOP!, Fiesta, Tweet Tweet, Lemonade, Love You Like, and Mirror. In particular, BOP BOP! is a hybrid pop dance genre song that combines Latin rhythm and disco.

The color of VIVIZ, which stands out so much that SinB thought it was “just this song” after hearing the title song, will be clearly revealed.

The three, who faced the disbandment of the group in May last year, reunited as “VIVIZ” a combination of “VIVID” and “DAYS,” which means “Clear“. This contains a pledge to express one’s own color proudly in the world.

Umji explained the color that VIVIZ would show, saying, “I wasn’t sure what color would come out before we prepared for the three, but as we worked together, I realized, ‘We are this color’“.

GFRIEND, who had both musicality and performance skills, was such a fanatic group. VIVIZ members expressed their desire to show new sides that they had not shown as GFRIEND members.

Eunha said, “If GFRIEND did music that touched your heart and made you emotional, VIVIZ seems to be doing bouncy music that shook your body“. I explained. Umji also commented, “We filled the vocal parts in a variety of ways and included trendy music in the album“.

Above all, VIVIZ members emphasized that they had honed their minds to continue the love they received as GFRIEND members. Comparing VIVIZ to “career newcomers“, they promised to become a group full of skills and passion.

Eunha said, “To set a good precedent, we worked hard to feedback each other and prepared”. SinB said, “I had a lot of worries, but I said ‘Let’s do well’ more than ‘Let’s work hard’, and I overcame my worries with passion“.

Meanwhile, VIVIZ‘s “Beam of Prism” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. today (February 9th).


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