A Netizen Sparks Laughter Who Passed The Filming Site Of “All of Us Are Dead” Says “I was drunk that time when I ran into a zombie”

The story of A who met a zombie while going home after drinking was posted on the Internet. As it turned out, A was found to have passed the filming site of the Netflix zombie drama “All of Us Are Dead” drawing laughter from netizens. 

On January 14th, an article titled “I used to drink and go home at dawn, but zombies were sitting as soon as I entered the alley” was posted on the Daum CafeBack Alley Research Institute.”

A said, “The moment I saw the zombies, my legs started to become stiff and I thought something was going to happen for 3 seconds”. A explained, “At that moment, my eyes met the zombie. However, the zombie was shy and told me to pass because they were filming. That almost made me cry“. It turns out A seems to have passed the filming site of “All of Us Are Dead“, which was near his house. 

A posted the second article on January 25th. A, who confirmed the reaction, said, “Everyone said they would have pass out if they had been in my situation. But maybe if the zombies approach me in a scary way, I would have fainted already.” he explained in detail at the time. 

A continued, “Some of the zombies were lying on their backs. So it was not that frightening. And if I were really surprised, I wouldn’t be able to scream. I considered that as the top three most shocking aspect of my life“. A added, “It’s been more than a year, and it suddenly came to my mind when the video of “All of Us Are Dead” was released”  

Netizens reacted enthusiastically to the absurd story of A meeting a zombie on the way. TheQoo netizens said, “If I had been drinking and watching zombies, I would have passed out already.”, “After watching the drama, I realized that there are many people in Korea who are good at acting as zombies. There are so many people who play zombie roles, but they are all good”, “It was filmed in my town too, but I’m glad to see it in broad daylight.”, “The zombies were shy and must have listened to everything.” 



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