‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Actor Yoon Chan Young  Dreamed Of Becoming A High School Rapper

In Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead’, which is creating a ‘K-zombie’ craze around the world, actor Yoon Chan Young played a high school student named Cheong San who showed calm judgment.

Yoon Chan Young, who is 22 this year, was actually a high school student just three years ago.

Yoon Chan Young dreamed of becoming a ‘high school rapper‘ when he was in high school.

In 2018, Sports Dong-a released an interview with Yoon Chan Young, who returned to the movie ‘Mothers

At that time, Yoon Chan Young revealed that he sang a lot of rap songs with her friends.

Yoon Chan Young expressed his love for rap, saying, “I like rapping so much that I thought of going on Mnet’s ‘High School Rapper’.”

I’ve never written lyrics or made a song professionally. Still, I wanted to go out on ‘High School Rapper.”, he added

However, Yoon Chan Young‘s appearance in High School Rapper‘ was unfortunately canceled. He explained the reason, “The company dried it.”

Lastly, Yoon Chan-young said, “I watched the ‘High School Rapper 2’ broadcast this time, and everyone was so good. It seems like it will take some time for me to challenge myself. I need practice.”

Netizens who saw this showed enthusiastic reactions such as “Ha On Kim, Irohan, Lee Byung Jae, and Yoon Chan Young” and “I want to see it even on Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money“.


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