Netizens Are Looking Forward To Actress Cho Yi Hyun The Most If “All of Us Are Dead” Decides To Have A Season 2

Netizens praised Cho Yi Hyun‘s acting in the Netflix drama “All of Us Are Dead“. 

Actress Cho Yi Hyun, who plays the role of Choi Nam Ra in the series, has captivated viewers with her portrayal. Choi Nam Ra is a cold valedictorian and class president, who only cares about her studies and rankings.

While in the beginning of the series, Choi Nam Ra is portrayed as a selfish and coldhearted individual, it was after the zombie outbreak that she opened up her heart in an effort to help her fellow students.

She is a character who was bitten by a zombie, but gain immunity and endures without losing her humanity, and rather helps her friends to escape from school. 

Netizens who saw “All of Us Are Dead” commented on various online communities such as Facebook, saying, “The narrative was the best“, “I’m most looking forward to season 2“, “It was the prettiest“, and “It was good even when I was a student“. 

Netizens who watched “All of Us Are Dead” praised Cho Yi Hyun on Facebook and other online communities, saying, “the supporting actress was the best“, “I’m looking forward to her the most if there’s a second season“, “she’s the prettiest” and “I liked her when she was a little.

Actor Cho Yi Hyun, who played Choi Nam Ra, was born in 1999 and debuted in the web drama ‘Sweet Revenge‘ in 2017. Since then, she has appeared in tvN‘s ‘Hospital Playlist‘, JTBC‘s ‘My Country‘, and KBS2‘s ‘School 2021‘.

With her recent big break in “All Of Us Are Dead“, we get a feeling that we will be seeing way more of Cho Yi Hyun on our screens soon.



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