Some Netizens Believe This Scene From “All of Us Are Dead” Is Inappropriate Says “Not sure why they added such scene”

The Netflix drama “All of Us Are Dead” which was expected by many fans even before its release based on a webtoon of the same name, was finally unveiled on January 28th.

As soon as it was released, “All of Us Are Dead” is receiving a warm response. But as much as the topic is, there is also criticism. The scene depicting sexual violence against a female student in the play was embroiled in a controversy over sensationalism and violence.

This scene appears in episode 1. It is a scene where two boys grab a girl and take her clothes off. A group of male students even had a chubby male student take pictures of the female students in the process.

The main character, Lee Soo Hyuk (Romon), tries to save the victim after restraining the two boys, but the girl refuses to help.

There was even a line that threatened the perpetrator’s student, “You look sexy. Your mom and I are friends (Facebook friend), and do you want me to send this to your mom?” The girl voluntarily took off her clothes.

There were mixed reactions among viewers about this scene. Along with the opinion that it is necessary to respect creative freedom, criticism was raised that showing criminal methods and cruelty as it is is not different from pornography.

There were also many viewers who criticized the sexual objectification of minors.

Viewers who criticize them are responding, saying, “I don’t know why they added such scene.”

All of Us Are Dead” is a Netflix series that was released simultaneously in 190 countries on January 28th. 

Director Lee Jae Gyu, who previously appeared in the dramas ‘Damo‘ and ‘Beethoven Virus‘, will direct, and writer Cheon Seong Il, who participated in the drama ‘Chuno‘ and the movie ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’, took charge of the script.



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