Actor Kim Dae Myung Surprises Fans With Impressive Weight Loss Says “Today you’re a fox, not a bear”

Actor Kim Dae Myung drew attention by conveying his current situation with his unbelievably sharper visual.

Kim Dae Myung posted a short video on his Instagram on January 28th with the caption, “I will be happier in the new year, everyone. Happy New Year

The released video was taken at the photo shoot site, and it contains Kim Dae Myung, who is wearing a leather jacket and showing off his masculine charm.

On this day, he caught the eye by revealing his side with a visual that seemed to have lost more weight than before. In particular, the sharp jawline and body line, as well as the clearer facial features, drew admiration.

When the post was posted, netizens instantly commented on Kim Dae Myung’s Instagram, “I really felt my heart beating,” and “What is this?” They responded with such things as “Handsome,” “Oh, it’s so cool,” and “Today you’re a fox, not a bear.”

In addition, Kim Dae Myung added a ‘letter to share‘ and cautioned against impersonating SNS.

Recently, there have been many cases of SNS accounts impersonating me and sending messages impersonating me,” he said.

He continued, “There is only one personal Instagram account I run. (I) do not make individual suggestions or demands to specific individuals in any case. Please pay special attention to this and be careful not to suffer damage from the fake account.”

Meanwhile, Kim Dae Myung gained great popularity by playing the role of Yang Seok Hyung in the tvN drama “Hospital Playlist“, which ended last year.

He is currently preparing for the release of the movie ‘Don’t Touch Dirty Money’.



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