Netizens Claims That Ahn Ye Won From “Single’s Inferno” Also Wore The Fake Dior Top That Song Jia Wore

YouTuber Free Zia (Song Jia), who appeared on Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno”, was embroiled in controversy over wearing fake luxury goods, and suspicions were raised that Ahn Ye Won, who appeared in the same program, also wore fakes.

It was confirmed that model Ahn Ye Won recently posted a picture of herself wearing a Dior top on social media, but recently deleted it. The photo in question was a photo of Ahn Ye Won wearing a sky blue tube top that she posted on her SNS account on August 12 last year.

The tube top with the Dior logo that Ahn Ye Won is wearing in the photo has been confirmed to be a fake that has never been released by Dior. It is the same product as the fake worn by Free Zia, who stopped her activities after it was discovered that she was wearing a fake.

It is said to be sold for 16,000 won in an online shopping mall.

Recently, Ahn Ye Won wore this tube top for a beauty advertisement, and netizens’ criticism is growing. 

If you look at Ahn Ye Won’s SNS feed on January 28th, it is confirmed that the picture taken while wearing this product is not visible.

It seems that all photos exposed by this product have been deleted after Free Zia‘s controversy over fakes. 

Meanwhile, the controversy over wearing fakes started when some of the products that Free Zia wore on Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” were confirmed to be fakes.

In the meantime, Free Zia has been embroiled in suspicions that some of the fashion accessories such as luxury clothes and bags that Free Zia showed through her YouTube channel and Instagram are fake.

After the so-called ‘fake controversy’ began, Free Zia posted a handwritten apology and deleted the video and Instagram post introducing the fake. They also announced a halt to their activities.



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