Netizens Are Speculating That IU Is In Love Again And Here’s Why

Singer IU is suspected of being in a relationship. The reason is that all the new songs are love songs.

Recently, a number of articles titled ‘IU seems to be dating’ have been posted on various online communities.

Netizens speculate that IU is in a relationship because she puts her story into a song, and all of her recently released songs have sweet lyrics and melodies. Also, compared to the past, the proportion of love stories in song lyrics has increased.

Undoubtedly, the song ‘Strawberry Moon‘ released in October is full of love. This song expresses how fantastic the things that happen inside a person who is completely in love are compared to a big strawberry-colored moon.

Not only this. The 5th full-length album released in March is also full of love songs. In particular, the song ‘Flu’ contains lyrics suggestive of falling in love, such as ‘Oh, like an idiot, I will fall in love again’ and ‘I have no choice but to get sick of you for a long time.’

Netizens voiced their support . They showed reactions such as “It’s not only her songs that are exuding sweetness but even from her interviews, she talks a person in love. IU also writes her own songs and her song ‘Strawberry Moon’ is much sweeter than her other songs,” “I would totally support her if she says she’s dating,” “She’s already 30 so I don’t think her fans would be so affected by her dating lol,” “Everyone is wondering if she’s dating because her song is so sweet,” “I think I would be fully supportive of IU if she is dating,” “When it comes January, Dispatch might report on IU,” and “I hope IU is happy.”



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