5 Lessons From Hospital Playlist About ‘Love’ That Capture The Hearts Of Viewers

The 2-year journey of “Hospital Playlist” has officially come to an end but the audience still can’t let go of the drama and its beautiful relationships.

Through the healing footage like the sound of a ballad about the everyday lives of doctors, Hospital Playlist has subtly conveyed precious messages about love. Each viewer probably has their own favorite story in the series.

Here are the 5 lessons about love from Hospital Playlist:

  • If you like someone, you should go for it

Girls confess their feelings first, why not? Doctor Chu Min Ha (Ahn Eun Jin) is a typical character portraying a modern woman who didn’t hesitate to display her affection to the person she loves. Min Ha‘s love for Seok Hyeong (Kim Dae Myung) was always persistent and intense. The way she expressed her emotions was also genuine and passionate, without being rude and impulsive.

Min Ha in love was always persevering and conscientious like when she dressed up to look confident and pretty in front of Seok Hyeong, only to saw her crush with his ex-wife on Christmas Eve. However, she did not give up. The happy ending for Min Ha’s unrequited love was that she has won Seok Hyeong’s heart. Min Ha didn’t need to confess anymore because Seok Hyeong already fell for her.

  • Understand and Respect Privacy

Hospital Playlist‘s gentle “Budha” Ahn Jeong Won (Yoo Yeon Seok) is a perfect boyfriend. Dong Gyeol Wool (Shin Hyun Bin) was on her night duty, and she fell asleep leaning on Jeong Won’s shoulder. When he went out to eat with his friends, he didn’t forget to bring food home for his lover. He always listened and comforted Gyeol Wool when she was sad.

Jeong Won‘s feelings are as calm and gentle as his personality. When he first saw Gyeol Wool burst into tears, he remained calm and quiet as a solid shoulder for her to lean on. And he waited, without questioning or doubting because he knows when the time was right she would tell him her own story.

  • Happiness comes from the little things

Not a part of the main cast of Hospital Playlist, but the character of cardiologist Jae Hak (Jung Moon Sung) still impresses the audience with his own story. At Yulje Hospital, Jae Hak was a close, enthusiastic junior of Professor Jun Wan (Kim Kyung Ho) and when he came home, Jae Hak was just a husband who loved his wife.

As can be seen, Jae Hak always puts his wife as the number one priority and always cherishes every moment with her. That was expressed by Jae Hak in sharing with Jun Wan“Do you know what the happiest thing in my life is? It’s coming home from work, having a drink with my wife, and telling each other stories. I also like to have children, but I like living with my wife like friends like this. As long as my wife is present, I will feel very happy and peaceful.”

  • Geographic distance is the test of love

Bidulgi couple, Jun Wan (Kim Kyung Ho) and Ik Sun (Kwak Sun Young) is the couple who had the most challenges in Hospital PlaylistJun Wan and Ik Sun, the film’s first couple, had many sweet moments that made viewers believe they would soon have a perfect wedding. In season 2, Ik Sun traveled to London to study abroad, while Jun Wan stayed in Korea, waiting for Ik Sun.

  • The most deserving response of the wait

IkSong (Ik Jun and Song Hwa), the long-awaited couple, finally announced their relationship. The two had been friends for almost 20 years and used to love one other, but because of their friendship, they opted to take a step back. As an adult, each person had a life of their own. Ik Jun was married and had a lovely baby boy Uju. Meanwhile, Song Hwa also once dated another man. However, the two still had a soft spot in their hearts for the other. Ik Jun and Song Hwa‘s affection could not be hidden. Although two seasons is a long time, fans still waited with trust since this is the most worthy and timely response for the Ik Jun and Song Hwa couple.


Hospital Playlist is a series with no actual ending. The final episode has reassured viewers because the characters have all found their love but also left viewers curious with a somewhat open ending. But even if the drama continues, it will still be a story about doctors who are passionate about their job, working hard every day to save patients’ lives and their casual lives. Therefore, director Shin gave the drama an open ending so that the audience could freely imagine the future scenario of their favorite characters and enjoy Hospital Playlist in their own way.



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