Actress Shin Ye Eun Talks For Lead Role In New Drama

Actress Shin Ye Eun is considering appearing in ‘Third Person Revenge’.

According to Spotify News on December 7th, Shin Ye Eun received a proposal for a female lead in the new drama ‘Third-Person Revenge‘ (written by Lee Hee-myeong, directed by Kim Yu-jin, produced by Studio S).

Shin Ye Eun takes on the role of Ok Chan Mi, a high school student who is strong for the strong and weak for the weak. Ok Chan Mi is not flashy, but she exudes her strange charm with her unique presence, and she becomes entangled with her classmate Ji Soo Heon, whom she met at the school she transferred to.

Shin Ye Eun debuted in her 2018 web drama ‘A Teen‘. Afterwards, she get a lot of offer with dramas ‘such as Comet Lee Guy’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Number of Cases’, and the one-act drama ‘The Effect of One Night on Breakup’. She recently drew her attention when she confirmed her appearance in the movie ‘The Untold Secret’.

Third Person Revenge‘ tells the story of Ok Chan Mi, who transfers to the school she attended as a shooting specialist to find the killer of her twin brother.

A global OTT program is planned.


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