Kim Seon Ho Resumes Advertising… “No Company Charged A Penalty”

As Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in suspicions about his privacy, the advertising industry, which started to lose money by deleting advertisements that promoted him, is showing the trend of resuming advertisements by releasing Kim Seon-ho’s photos and videos one by one.

According to the retail industry on October 29th, Food Bucket, a health food brand, is promoting and selling products under Kim Seon-ho. According to the product reviews released by Food Bucket the day before, buyers left comments such as “I bought it because it was uploaded again by Sunho’s ad”, “I bought it with the belief that it was a Kim Seon-ho advertisement, not a review.”

After the controversy over Kim Seon Ho’s private life, the mask company Miima Mask, which made all his photos privately, also resumed Kim Seon Ho’s advertisement. The company is also holding an event to give Kim Seon Ho photo cards to mask buyers.

Canon Korea also reposted all the content of Kim Seon Ho. Now, Kim Seon Ho’s advertisements can be seen through the official TV-Canon Korea YouTube channel. Many netizens left comments on the video saying, “This commercial would have been a waste if they took it down completely,” “Canon is a good company, they were loyal,” and “Canon is amazing and Kim Seon Ho is amazing too.”

However, there are still some companies such as the outdoor brand Nau and the cosmetic brand Larocheposay that have not yet reposted the advertisements of Kim Seon Ho.

On October 17th, Kim Seon Ho was embroiled in controversy when an article was posted on an online community titled ‘I am accusing the double and shameless reality of the popular actor K’.

After that, Kim Seon Ho left the advertising industry as well as the KBS entertainment show ‘2 Days1 & 1 Night ‘, where he was appearing a a regular member, and his movie appearances were canceled one after another.

As the controversy grew, Kim Seon Ho apologized through his agency four days after the allegations were raised, saying, “I hurt her with my negligence and thoughtless actions.”

Afterwards, Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend, Ms. A, also said, “I got an apology from him, and it seems that there was a misunderstanding.

However, on October 26th, as the entertainment media Dispatch reported on suspicions surrounding Mr. A based on the information from Kim Seon Ho, the controversy seems to lead to another quarrel.

Earlier, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho stated, “From what I know, there aren’t companies that asked Kim Seon Ho to pay a penalty yet.”

He continued to explain, “Kim Seon Ho was expected to pay a heavy penalty fee since he received more than 5 billion KRW (4.3 million USD) in advertising fees, but the advertising officials are saying something different.”

He continued, “Normally when making a contract for an advertisement, private life issues are not listed in the contract. So, for the advertisement company to issue a penalty fee is when the individual caused a social controversy with a crime.”



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