Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Recorded Herself Drinking and Partying with Cool’s Lee Jae Hoon According to YouTube Reporter

A YouTuber raised suspicions that ex-girlfriend A, who exposed her private life with actor Kim Seon-ho, was caught at an entertainment bar in Jeju Island shortly after the abortion.

In a video on October 29, YouTuber Lee said, “You can’t see Lee Jae Hoon in the video, but [his] voice singing the song “Aloha” by Cool can be heardThere is also a woman dancing while intoxicated, and that woman is Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend ‘A’,

As for how the video was obtained, the YouTuber added that he found out while investigating about Lee Jae-hoon’s suspicions of violating quarantine rules. According to a YouTuber, this video was filmed on November 18, last year, and 5-6 people including Lee Jae-hoon and Ms. A gathered. However, at that time, the YouTuber estimated that Jeju Island was at the time of implementing stage 1.5 of social distancing, and that these gatherings had nothing to do with violating the government’s quarantine guidelines. However, this YouTuber explained, “However, the shocking fact was that Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend filmed it herself. The YouTuber said, “When Ms. A first revealed it, she said that the time she suffered was in July or August [due to the abortion], but four months have passed since then.”

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