Kim Seon Ho’s Deleted Advertisements Are Making A Return To The Public

The advertising industry is turning around and bringing back Kim Seon Ho’s advertisements.

On October 20, the mask brand made all videos of Kim Seon Ho uploaded on the official YouTube account to private due to his personal life controversy. But on October 28 (today) , the brand, which featured Kim Seon Ho as the main model, posted the advertisement video again with Kim Seon Ho on their official website. The website also gained attention as the entire site was filled with Kim Seon Ho’s face. His advertisement making film was also posted on the official YouTube channel.

The advertisement industry is very sensitive to consumer opinion and trends, and could damage their brand just by mentioning the real name of an exclusive model.

According to the advertising industry, there are currently about 10 brands that use Kim Seon Ho as models, including Miima Mask, Domino’s Pizza, 11st Street, nau, Canon Korea, Food Bucket, La Roche-Posay, and Shinhan Mica.

Previously, an anonymous Korean female shared a story online, accusing a rising star Actor K of causing irreversible trauma since the two started dating. Actor K, later known to be actor Kim Seon Ho, released an official apology online. Later, Dispatch revealed the full dating history between Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend, Choi Young Ah.



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