Girls Generation Taeyeon Revealed to be Victim of Real Estate Scam

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s agency has made a statement regarding the disclosure of her real name as a celebrity scammed by a real estate investment.

On the October 28th, YTN said, “It has been confirmed that a famous Korean pop star also suffered financial loss from the real estate investment scam that stole 21.3 million dollars from victims across the nation.”

Their report also said, “So far, the police confirmed 3,000 other victims. It turned out that a famous KBS comedian took part in the fraud scheme by encouraging wealthy people to invest,” in their exclusive article.

According to the report, the land purchased by Taeyeon is a designated mountain area that cannot be repurposed except for military or public use. It was revealed that the company bought the land for about $341,000 and sold it to Taeyeon for $938,000 within three months.

A former employee of the planning real estate company said, “The person who worked next to me was a friend of the pop star’s father, so I know that her father had bought the land under the singer’s name.”

Then, a media outlet revealed her real name as ‘The famous girl group Hallyu star who suffered damage is singer Taeyeon’.

In relation to this, Taeyeon’s agency, SM Entertainment, drew a line on saying, “It is difficult for us to grasp what had happened because it is related to the artist’s personal assets”

Currently, the police are investigating the four representatives of the group’s branch on charges of fraud under the Specific Economic Crimes Act and violation of the Farmland Act.

Meanwhile, the female comedian suspected of having taken part in the fraud, Ahn Soo Mi, claimed that she was falsely accused.

The comedian said in a telephone interview with OSEN on the 28th, “I have never sold properties to rich people, and I have never met Taeyeon in my life. Please respect my privacy,” explaining that she has nothing to do with the scheme.



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