Baek A Yeon To Finally Make Her Return With 5th Mini Album ‘Observe’

Singer Baek A-yeon will release a new album on September 7th.

Baek A-yeon released her comeback scheduler through the official SNS on the 18th, and announced the release schedule of her fifth mini-album ‘Observe’, rescheduled for September 7.

According to the comeback scheduler, Baek A-yeon will release ‘Observe’ at 6pm on September 7. Prior to this, starting with the photo diary on the 23rd, various contents such as 3 types of special photos, music video teaser, lyric toon, highlight medley, and album preview will be released sequentially.

Baek A-yeon was originally scheduled to release ‘Observe’ in July, but delayed the album release and activities as she tested negative for the preemptive COVID19 test and went into self-quarantine. Baek A-yeon, who went through a period of reorganization after self-isolation was lifted for better album activities, confirmed the release date on September 7 and started the countdown for a full-fledged comeback.

The title song is ‘What if I don’t want to do anything’. From the title, the interest of music fans is rising, drawing the sympathy of modern people.

‘Observe’, which Baek A-yeon will present after 2 years and 10 months, will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 7th of September.



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