iKON Kim Jin Hwan Revealed The Group Is Preparing For A New album

Jinhwan Kim of iKON “Preparing for a new album, working hard” [Picture]

Jinhwan Kim of the group iKON released a pictorial and interview through the September issue of <Marie Claire>.

Kim Jin-hwan in the published pictorial created an atmosphere full of autumn atmosphere. In a pictorial with a uniquely shaped plant, he captured attention by digesting a pink color suit, silk shirt, and tweed jacket in his own way.

In an interview after filming, Jinhwan Kim said that he was preparing for a new album after taking a break after finishing <Kingdom: Legendary War>. I want to make good music that meets expectations, but at the same time, I feel impatient because I don’t want the fans to wait too long, but I also added the story that I’m trying to make better music.

On the other hand, after the definition of ‘iconness’ was given, he also expressed his desire to release his own solo album. Expectations for new music were also hinted at from him, who pursued a well-balanced stage without leaning towards either dance or singing.

More pictorials and interviews of ‘Kim Jin-hwan’, an icon who is getting hotter on stage, can be found in the September issue of <Marie Claire> and on the Marie Claire website.



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