“Will they collaborate soon?” — G-Dragon Sparks Excitement with Instagram Story Featuring NewJeans Mascot Toy

G-Dragon has once again captured the spotlight with his recent social media update.

Known for his active presence on social platforms, G-Dragon shared a photo on his Instagram Story on April 19 that quickly ignited conversations across various social media channels.

The seemingly straightforward snapshot features his pet cat alongside a stuffed toy. However, what caught the attention of many netizens was the fact that the stuffed animal was merchandise from the popular NewJeans brand.

Specifically, the blue bunny was part of the Bunini & Tokki collaboration merchandise from Line Friends.

G-Dragon‘s post has since sparked speculation and discussion in online communities like TheQoo, with netizens pondering the significance behind his choice to share this particular photo.

They commented, “Why is he posting this photo?” “Is he going to do a collaboration with them or is he just a fan?” “Are they going to feature in G-Dragon‘s solo track?” “I hope he’s not featuring in their album,” “Maybe he’s a fan of NewJeans,” “Just no…” and more.



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