Taiwanese News on BTS’s V Sparks Laughter and Admiration Among K-netizens

BTS‘s V recently made headlines in Taiwanese news, catching the attention of Korean netizens.

V had previously appeared in a promotional video for the 2nd Army Corps in Chuncheon Gangwon Province, which quickly went viral as fans worldwide were captivated by the global idol’s charm.

In the video, V donned the black military police combat uniform alongside his fellow troops, drawing admiration for his captivating gaze.

The promotional video received global recognition, leading to V being featured in Taiwanese news coverage, where news anchors couldn’t contain their admiration for the idol.

The news presenter praised V‘s impressive physique and intense gaze, while also noting his transformation from a cute image to a more masculine appearance since joining the military.

Korean netizens found the news segment both flattering and amusing, particularly enjoying the presenter’s evident excitement when discussing V.

Korean netizens commented, “This is so funny,” “They are flattering us,” “Wow, they’re making us feel so proud,” “They are praising, basically worshipping V, lol,” “The video with the subtitles is so hilarious,” “This is so funny,” “Why are they so proud of our soldiers? lol,” “I can hear the excitement,” “That news caster is so excited to talk about V,” “I love this,” and “Why is he so excited? This is so funny.”



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