Netizens accused Kim Ji Won of intentionally planning to avoid her real estate tax?

Previously, it was reported that ‘Queen of Tears‘ actress Kim Ji Won had acquired a multi-million dollar property in Gangnam.

The building, which cost ₩6.30 billion KRW (approximately $4.57 million USD) in 2021, is situated in a prime location near Gangnam-gu Office Station and consists of one basement and five floors above ground.

Netizens started to question the purchase when they discovered that it was made through “Jiwon Entertainment Co, Ltd,” a company where Kim Ji Won is the sole employee and representative. This led to accusations that she had established a shell company for the purpose of the purchase.

Further investigation by netizens revealed what they believe to be evidence supporting their claims. The company’s business registration shows that Kim Ji Won established Jiwon Entertainment in March 2016, and the registered address for the company is the 4th and 5th floors of her building.

Netizens were quick to connect the dots, accusing her of deliberately planning to evade taxes. A law exists that exempts companies from certain real estate taxes if they make a purchase five years after the company’s establishment.

Netizens noted that Kim Ji Won established Jiwon Entertainment in March 2016 and purchased the building five years later in June 2021. Given this suspicious timing, netizens have accused her of intentionally planning to avoid this real estate tax.

Kim Ji Won‘s management company has not yet responded to these allegations.

Netizen comments included:

“Wow, this completely changes how I see her.”

“Jiwon.. I didn’t know you were like this.”

“Regardless, all her fans will defend her.”

“It’s a shell company. All celebrities do that anyway.”

“I don’t know why people are making a big deal. She’s buying a building because she can afford it.”

“Reading the comments, it’s funny that people are defending her because the building is now in use. She’s only using the address for her company. If she’s the only employee, then the offices must be vacant.”

“It’s confirmed that she established the company in March 2016. If she bought the building after five years of setting up a company, she wouldn’t be taxed. She bought it in June 2021. Kim Ji Won has a management company, but she created a company under her own name in advance, and only bought the building when she could avoid tax. It seems like everyone can see through this, and are talking about it.”

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