“She took on a very challenging role…”— Park Min Young Shuts Down Critics, Defends BoA’s Acting in “Marry My Husband”

In a recent interview with Newsen, Park Min Young, the lead actress of the drama ‘Marry My Husband,’ defended BoA‘s acting in the series.

Marry My Husband‘ is an adaptation of a popular webtoon that concluded on February 20, and it gained attention for its unique storyline.

Park Min Young, who portrayed the character Kang Ji Won, discussed various aspects of the drama, including her own outfit choices and the criticism received by BoA, who joined the cast later in the series.

Addressing the criticism BoA received for her role as Oh Yu Ra, Park Min Young expressed understanding of the challenges of joining a drama midway.

She noted that it’s difficult for any actor, even veterans, and emphasized the challenging nature of BoA‘s role.

Park Min Young hoped that viewers could see beyond the acting and appreciate the effort both she and BoA put into their performances.

Furthermore, Park Min Young highlighted the positive aspects of having captivating villains in the drama, and she suggested that BoA‘s addition could be a buildup for another surprise in the storyline.

Overall, Park Min Young encouraged viewers to see BoA‘s contribution to the drama in a positive light.

Read her statement below:

I don’t want to defend or take sides, but personally, I think it’s difficult for anyone to join a drama midway. It’s hard even for veteran actors, and joining a popular drama midway is even harder. She took on a really difficult and challenging role, and I hope people can see beyond the acting and appreciate it as something beautiful. BoA and I are the same age, so just looking at her, I think, ‘We’ve both endured a lot.’ I did my best during filming, and I hope people can recognize that she did her best too. Fortunately, we have a lot of captivating villains in the drama, and with BoA’s addition, it may feel frustrating, but I think it can also be a buildup for another surprise. I hope people will see it positively.”



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