“I think her outfit is cute but…”— NewJeans’ Hanni Rocks Adorable Pigtails, Fans Gush Over the Cute Look

Recently, Hanni from NewJeans captured fans’ hearts with her appearance at the airport. On February 21, she was spotted at Incheon International Airport, getting ready to fly to Italy for the 2024 Milano Fashion Week, where she serves as the global ambassador for Gucci.

Sporting a comfy oversized grey Gucci hoodie paired with black shorts, she rocked a charming look with her hair braided into adorable pigtails.

Korean netizens couldn’t help but express their admiration, leaving comments like “She’s so adorable,” “She’s so cute,” and “She’s so lovable.”

Some fans expressed concern, saying, “I hope she doesn’t get hurt with those shoes.”

The appreciation continued with compliments on her hairstyle, “She looks so perfect with that hairstyle.”

Comments varied, with others stating, “Hanni is so cute!!” and “She’s pretty and cute at the same time.”

However, there were differing opinions, as one person mentioned, “I think her outfit is cute but not the shoes.”



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