Song Hye Kyo snaps sweet photos with her dog Ruby during a break from filming

The ever-radiant actress Song Hye Kyo recently shared a delightful two-shot with her pet dog Ruby, who bears a striking resemblance to her.

On May 5th, Song Hye Kyo took to Instagram to share a series of photos, captioned “During a break from filming”.

The shared photos feature adorable two-shots of Song Hye Kyo and her pet dog Ruby, seemingly captured during a filming break.

Song Hye Kyo, known for her stunning beauty, draws attention with her bright smile that mirrors her pet dog’s cheerful demeanor. Fans and friends alike couldn’t help but admire the charming duo.

In other news, Song Hye Kyo is currently immersed in the filming of the movie ‘Black Nuns‘. The film is a sequel to ‘Black Priests’, a gripping tale about the rescue of a boy ensnared by a formidable evil spirit.

In ‘Black Nuns’, Song Hye Kyo breathes life into the character of ‘Sister Yunia‘, a fearless figure who steps up with unwavering determination to save the boy.

As ‘Sister Yunia‘, Song Hye Kyo refuses to abandon the boy, who is consumed by an intense pain that seems impossible to alleviate. With this role, Song Hye Kyo is set to redefine her acting prowess, showcasing a side of her that has never been seen on screen before.



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