“That deserves a blacklist” K-Netizens Criticize A Supporter’s Rude And Disrespectful Behaviour Towards STAYC

How can they claim to be fans?

Recently, the girl group STAYC played at the Woori Financial Group’s Momo performance over the weekend.

Fans saw someone yelling rude things at the members while they were having a great time.

People were surprised today at Momocon when someone started yelling at the members and calling them by their full names. When the girls said they would talk about the encore song after seeing what the fans wanted, the rude fan said that the members were just acting to ask the fans when they were going to sing “Poppy” anyway. She said that they did talk about it, but she didn’t know if anyone heard.

In the video below, you can hear someone yell, “Hey, Lee Chaeyoung,” which is Isa’s full real name.

Who are you to say something like that?

Fans could see that the other members were also shocked when they heard it.Look at how shocked the members are. Did you really have to yell like that?

Online fan groups thought that the fan probably called out their full name to try to get them to look at their camera.

But since this was a show with other bands, both STAYC and their fans were shocked by this behavior. It was also found out that this happened at the fan-signing event.There were more things like this at the fan sign event today…

In the two films, you can hear someone being rude to the members.

First clip: Hey, each of you.

Put the mic down in the second film.

When Netizens saw the videos, they couldn’t believe that someone could act like that and still call themselves a fan.

“What are they doing wrong?”

“Put them on the list of people not to trust.”

“Please put them on the bad list. Even real fans can be rude in their Bubble live show. Not for the first time, I’m sick of things like this.”

“They are rude and crazy. When you need the agency, where are they?”

“Wow, someone who talks like that sounds like they will make trouble for you.”

“Why do they act that way?

“Are they nuts?



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