“It is not funny at all, totally disrespectful” Netizens are talking about NCT Taeyong’s now-deleted video “mocking” LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon

Many different memes have been made from the original movie.

Some people thought that NCT‘s Taeyong was making fun of LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon in a video he just posted and shared.

Taeyong is one of the most busy members of NCT online. He often posts to his own TikTok account as well as the main account for the group.

Last month, a silly video he posted while he was in America for KCON LA 2023 went popular.


It was an overwhelming feeling that cannot be explained in words…… 🫠😎🫠😎


After NCT‘s first NCT Nation In Tokyo show on September 17, Taeyong posted a new TikTok with Johnny and Haechan.

People who knew other K-pop groups quickly figured out where the music in the video came from.

Chaewon stuttered over her line at the start of LE SSERAFIM‘s first concert tour in Seoul. Instead of responding, she just gave up and turned around as if nothing had happened.


도도…도도독….동료가 되라😂 @le_sserafim 🎶:도도독 remix-JFF Youtube #fyp #fff #foryou #문채원 #바람 #정우

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – MOJO – MOJO

The moment went global, and fans and people who weren’t fans had funny things to say about it.

When a friend told her the line again while she was at the airport, Jungkook found it funny and said so in a comment.

There are memes about the moment all over the internet, including one on YouTube where the audio was mixed with a clip from the 2009 movie Wish.

A dancer named MOJO put this reworked music on his social media account and made it into a dance challenge.

This clip was copied by Taeyong‘s TikTok, which treated it like other tasks he has done before.

While comments on the original “challenge” video by MOJO and reposts found the video funny, and some even said they wanted LE SSERAFIM to see the videos, the video’s creators were not amused.

…People had very different views to Taeyong’s video. K-netizens talked about the video on an online chat post. Many of them didn’t like it.

Has no idea when to stop, huh…?
I watched the movie and also read all of the comments here. I’m not a big fan of idols, so I didn’t find the movie funny at all. The end. I feel sorry for the fans now… Because of the mock-y version, Chaewon’s fans are getting hurt. And fans of NCT are hurt by the mean things people have said about the acts because of the remix.
It’s not even funny. It’s just rude.
A remake challenge based on a mistake made by another idol? It’s not.
[Taeyong] went too far with this. What’s so hard to figure out? This is not cool in any way. If it had been a different LE SSERAFIM member, it might have been okay. But for a whole other group to do this? Why?
I don’t know what it means to cross a line. I know it wasn’t funny at all, though. It’s not clear why any of them thought it would be fun.
Actually, some LE SSERAFIM fans didn’t like how Chaewon’s mistake became a big joke… They didn’t take it seriously because Chaewon said it was fine. But now that people are making stupid versions… I can see why her fans were upset, because her fellow idols are making movies with remixed audio that doesn’t even get much attention.
It made me smile… But I understand what people are saying.
I think the first Chaewon film deserved to be seen by a lot of people. And there are some tasks, like the Baggy Jeans one, that aren’t really about the artists but aren’t all that bad either. But this one doesn’t… It does seem to go a little too far.
IDK. I think it’s too much to hate on them because of this one movie.
Even so, it’s not that funny… Just mean.

On the other hand, some people thought the movie was fine.

How, though, is this a joke? Just because he used music that had been changed? LMAO. What’s wrong with the music that has been mixed?
I looked up the movie because I didn’t understand this post… I can see why the fans might be upset.
Eh… He did wrong.
How is this an insult…? Oh my god, star fans are so sensitive! Just because you don’t know something makes it neither “offensive” nor “male humor.” Male and female idols should just stop talking to each other at this point to make their own lives easy.
WTF…? People are angry about…?
Well, Chaewon’s joke is all about her making a mistake and everyone laughing at it. The version he used is not part of that online craze. So it might seem like a joke. I mean, I didn’t understand it either. And I don’t even like either band. However, wrong is wrong.
ISTG, I’m not a fan of NCT, but honestly, don’t you all think this is way too much? The remix had already been made… How is this a joke on them?
I thought that the remix was based on that one scene from the movie. Like, Chaewon’s part sounds like the character is saying “Do-do-do-do” in the scene. No? Is there something else I don’t know about the remix? If Taeyong wanted to make fun of Chaewon, I don’t think he would have put up the video.



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