“What an angelic visual!” BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s BAZAAR Cover for Jacquemus Is a New “Peak of Beauty”

The top model for picture shoots.

Jennie of BLACKPINK was just chosen as the new face of Jacquemus. Jennie has liked the clothes brand for a long time, even before she worked for the brand.

Do you remember this green top that she made popular? In fact, it was one from the brand. The cover shot for BAZAAR with Jennie and Jacquemus just came out. In all four photos, she looks gorgeous.

The first one is an off-the-shoulder dress that shows off Jennie’s beautiful shoulders. Her look at the camera is fiery.

The high brightness of the next one gives it a little bit of a retro feel. The cherry theme goes well with Jennie’s full, red lips.

Both stylish and hot? It works for Jennie Kim. With this very short top, she shows a little skin. The side-swept bun keeps everything neat and stylish.

This is the one we like best. In a puffy dress and against a hazy blue sky, she looks like an angel. The pearl choker makes people look at her face and neck.

Jennie has been on a lot of magazine covers since her first one, but each one looks different.

We love how Jacquemus and BAZAAR brought out her dreamy side. Netizens only had good things to say about the star.

Jennie, you’re crazy. I like you.
It’s crazy.
So lovely.
FR, crazy.
Whoa, crazy. They said that the Jacquemus designer loved her, and now I can see why.
So cute, FR… She looks just as good in it as Chanel.
I love that Jennie always takes different kinds of pictures. She does it so well.

We can tell that another magazine is about to sell out.



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