“A vampire role suits him well” — 2PM’s Lee Jun Ho Turns Heads At Dior Event

Lee Jun Ho from the group 2PM recently wowed at a Dior pop-up event.

He was there to talk about their Sauvage scents.

As the Korean face of their cologne line, he was there to show off how beautiful he was.

Fans from all over the world lined up to see him in person. It’s not strange that he has a lot of new fans after the success of his drama King The Land.

Fans couldn’t help but notice that Junho‘s face had lost a little weight, even though he still looked good.

Even though he used to be known for having a baby face…

In the last few years, he has grown into a charming, smart boy.

We could cut ourselves on his chin.

People on the Internet were blown away by his images. They also noticed that he had lost weight and his face looked sharper. They also said that he looked like fellow member Jun.K, who has a sharp V-shaped face.

Wow, he’s lost a lot of weight, it looks like.
He looks like a vice president of a company every time I see him.
Wow, in the second-to-last picture, he looks like Jun.K.
Wow, I didn’t know this, but I really like his face.
My perfect person for a thousand years. He fits me perfectly.
He reminds me of Jun.K.
He would fit the part of a vampire like a glove.
Looks good.

They are called “Junbrothers” for a reason! We can’t wait to see what kind of part Junho plays next.



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