“Is Queen Hwasa starting a new trend?” MAMAMOO’s Hwasa of won’t follow the trend of popular music shows

The cameraman didn’t know what to do…

Hwasa of MAMAMOO has a long history of being known as a “no f*cks given” K-Pop star. Since she was just starting out, the singer has never been afraid to go against the norms and trends of the beauty business.

She can dress however she wants,

to standing up for herself and what she thought was right,

to talking openly about her own problems,

Hwasa has never been afraid to be who she really is.

Even though her latest actions were much less serious, they still showed the same spirit.

Hwasa just left RBW, the label she had been with for nine years, and signed with PSY’s label, PNation, as a single artist.

Soon after she signed with the new business, she released her latest single, “I Love My Body.” Since it came out, it has been getting great reviews on Korean charts.

As any K-Pop singer would do, Hwasa has been promoting the song on famous music shows. Her live shows have been nothing short of mesmerizing, but there is one thing she won’t do on any of the music shows, even though it’s a big trend. And that’s how the story ends.

The phrase “ending fairy” usually refers to the part of a live music show where the camera gets close-up shots of each artist on stage after the song is over.

Jung Chaeyeon‘s innocent yet charming look in a close-up shot at the end of a performance on Produce 101 caught people’s attention and made the trend famous.

During ending fairies, stars usually make a happy face and put their best foot forward in terms of how they look.

But some artists have also tried out the trend, making faces that are too big or funny on purpose to add a little more chaos.

Hwasa has also given famous ending fairies in the past when she has performed. But with this new song, she seems to be saying that she won’t do the same thing again.

Instead, the idol just goes off the stage when the song is over, and the camera often has trouble keeping up with her.

She did the same thing on all of her big music shows, like Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN, SBS’s Inkigayo, and KBS’s Music Bank, and fans couldn’t have been more amused!



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