“He took the chance, LOL” SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan says he’s “embarrassed” after discovering himself flirting with MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

Jeonghan is getting a lot of attention for how “smooth” he is.

The first guest on MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon‘s new show Mr. Chae, the Castaway is SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan.

When Hyungwon told Jeonghan that he was the first guest, Jeonghan joked that he would have been sad if someone else had been the first.

Jeonghan’s flirting with Hyungwon didn’t end here. Later, when Jeonghan was driving, Hyungwon put his arm in front of him to protect him.

Jeonghan saw Hyungwon‘s hand in front of him and took it. Hyungwon held Jeonghan‘s hand back, which was very sweet.

Jeonghan saw his chance and took it by the hand.

Over 1 million people watched the movie on X (which used to be Twitter) and TikTok. People on the Internet couldn’t get over how “smooth” Jeonghan is when he flirts. He is the real deal.

After the show came out, Jeonghan said he was embarrassed when he saw it. He thought it was funny, though!

But Jeonghan had already said that he and Hyungwon are good friends. But he wonders if it’s just “one-sided love” from his side.

Still, the now-famous clip of Jeonghan holding Hyungwon‘s hand is just one of many sweet and “flirty” moments between the two in the show.



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