“She approves that NingNing is pretty in all levels!” Olivia Rodrigo, an American singer, praises aespa’s Ningning without knowing it was her

Here’s what went down.

Olivia Rodrigo, an American pop singer, just said something nice about aespa‘s Ningning.

The singer of “Guts” had a livestream party on Stationhead on September 14. Fans could send notes in real time, and a few who had bought her new album were featured at the top of the chat.

One of the people listening was @ningyeppi, who was also a MY, which is the name of aespa’s fan club.

Because of a fan’s personal picture, Ningning was brought up by accident. As Olivia read the notes, the fan account popped up at the top as a supporter.

“What’s up?”Olivia Rodrigo

When Olivia saw this, she said her handle out loud. She also told me a nice thing about how pretty her display picture was.

“Nice picture for your profile.”Olivia Rodrigo

Since Olivia didn’t say that she knew who was in the picture, it was assumed that she didn’t know that Ningning was a famous K-Pop star and just thought she was beautiful.

Fans found this short exchange exciting, and they loved the little bits of support from one bias to another.

Olivia noticed that I was screaming.

Nicholas (@ningning_yeppi) The date is September 13, 2023.

They all agreed that Ningning is worthy of all the praise she gets.

Olivia didn’t need to be told twice to notice how beautiful she was.



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