New Clash Between ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE Fuels Criticism of Gender Disparity in Leadership

The recent clash between ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin, and HYBE has brought some serious issues to light. This feud has peeled back the layers, revealing hidden hypocrisy and pretense.

A photo that’s been making rounds in online communities caught the attention of journalist Jung Hye Seung.

She explained, “A single photo triggered it for me. It showed HYBE’s leaders, all 11 of them men. This photo had already stirred up criticism as a symbol of male dominance in the company’s 2021 introduction video. Now, it’s back in the spotlight on social media, being called a ‘photo proving ‘Gaejuhssi’ (a derogatory term for an older man) in power’.”

Jung criticized the all-male executive team at HYBE, stating, “An organization that doesn’t see the problem with such a photo is in crisis. Whether it’s a company, government, political party, university, or conference, such images should not be tolerated, especially on an international level. Events with only ‘manels’ (male panels) instead of diverse panels will inevitably face boycotts.”

Despite the photo’s criticism in 2021, HYBE showed no signs of embarrassment or confusion about the prevailing male dominance. As of December 2023, the executive team consisted of nine men and only one woman.

Moreover, HYBE maintains the industry’s widest gender pay gap, with men earning an average of 76 million KRW (~55,152.42 USD) compared to women’s 51 million KRW (~37,010 USD). These disparities persist even as the company actively promotes girl groups.

Min Hee Jin, regardless of her merits as CEO, has clearly shown her capabilities from a different perspective than those of the “old geezers.”

The issue of male-dominant industry and government bodies has been a topic of discussion in the past as well. Jung recalled a troubling incident surrounding the JTBC New Year’s debate promotion photo led by Son Suk Hee.

Each year, the panel exclusively comprises elderly men, reflecting a pervasive trend in Korean society where significant positions are monopolized by the older generation. This prompted a thought-provoking YouTube lecture titled ‘Where did all those women go?’ The issue isn’t necessarily deliberate exclusion but rather the failure to acknowledge the underlying patterns of exclusion and discrimination, which is particularly concerning.

Jung also criticized that the lack of diversity goes beyond just this photo. When like-minded people come together, they tend to overlook critical aspects. If only people with the same background are placed in decision-making groups, they fall into the trap of collective blindness.

Jung elaborated, “This example appears in ‘Diversity Power’ by British journalist Matthew Syed. Exclusively gathering elite individuals within their own circles poses a significant risk. This isn’t just limited to companies; the operational methods of governments are also deeply concerning.”

She also pointed out, “Indeed, when individuals from similar backgrounds share similar perspectives, they often overlook important aspects together. Diverse perspectives are essential to gaining comprehensive insights. Therefore, if an organization neglects to cultivate diversity among its members, it risks operating blindly, with repercussions that affect our daily lives unnoticed.”

Journalist Jung concluded by underscoring the recent controversy surrounding ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, emphasizing how it has once again brought attention to the ongoing issues of diversity within positions of power, particularly at HYBE.

Netizens commented:

Ugh, seriously, there’s a stench. There must be a reason for HYBE’s decline.”

“If you think about the fact that most of the consumers are women… this is outrageous.”

“All of them are the ‘Gaejuhssi’ Min Hee Jin was talking about.”

“There’s a reason HYBE’s concepts were all so out of touch.”

“So they were basically trying to drive Min Hee Jin out.”

“The workers are all women.”

“Min Hee Jin fighting.”

“I get now what Min Hee Jin was talking about. All these ‘Gaejuhssi’s.”

“Makes me want to throw up.”

“They need to drive all these incompetent people out.”

“I think what Min Hee Jin said was all true and she said nothing wrong.”



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