“Really, just a camera view?” Jeon Somi and TWICE’s Jihyo seem to be kissing on the lips

Some Internet users think it was just the camera view.

In a new video, it looked like K-Pop singer Jeon Somi and TWICE‘s Jihyo kissed.

Somi was with JYP Entertainment before she started her solo career with YG Entertainment‘s THEBLACKLABEL.

She even went up against other girls on the television shows SIXTEEN and Produce 101.

This show decided what would happen to TWICE, and even though she didn’t start out with them, she got close to them.

So, since Somi and Jihyo recently promoted their comebacks with “Fast Forward” and “Killin’ Me Good,” respectively, the two easily got together to film TikTok dance challenges together.


Somi mà debut cùng với TWICE thì thiết nghĩ JYP nên đổi tên nhóm thành COME OUT quá. Gái thẳng nhất của nhóm cũng sa vào đầm lầy mang tên Somi rồi #jihyo #somi #twice #xuhuong #fyp

♬ nhạc nền – Chimi – Chimi

Somi made an appearance in a new behind-the-scenes movie of Jihyo‘s promotion. Before filming, they were quickly caught doing the dance steps together.

In one take of the “Killin’ Me Good” dance challenge, it looked like Somi and Jihyo kissed each other on the lips without planning to. People on the Internet were shocked by this.

But some people have said that it’s just the views that make it look like the two kissed.



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