“It actually makes sense” Netizens Respond To Initial Teaser Clips For Jini’s Debut Solo Album

“I’ll tell her, this sounds interesting.”

A few weeks ago, people on the Internet saw what looked like a pre-order listing for the debut record of Jini (formerly Jinni), who used to be in the group NMIXX.

Since she left her old group in December and signed with a new label, UAP, in March of this year, fans have been wondering what Jini has planned for her career.

With the release of three teaser images for her upcoming debut record, An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove, earlier today, Jini confirmed what netizens had been thinking: she has been preparing for a solo debut.

The pictures are beautiful and enticing, giving them a look of delicate power that goes well with the album’s unique name.

Even though we don’t know for sure when the record will come out, the Target listing said it would be out on October 23. Since the post has been taken down, it’s not clear if that was true or not.

Netizens are curious and interested about the teaser pictures, and many of them can’t wait to hear Jini‘s music when it comes out.

Some people are saying that the idea is like the cartoon Violet Evergarden, which would be a great theme to have.

Others are just happy that there is clear proof that Jini will have a career in music and not waste her talents.

Are you looking forward to Jini‘s first solo show?



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