“He earned my respect!” Son Heung Min, a soccer star, won’t hold a fan’s phone so they can take a picture

Still, he is being praised.

Son Heung Min, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League and is captain of the South Korean national team, is getting viral.

Son Heung Min was seen hanging out with friends. He seemed to be taking pictures and signing autographs…

…until a fan tried to give him her phone so he could take a selfie of them both. He said no in a nice way. Son Heung Min took the picture with her anyway, but he had one request.

To take the shot, she had to hold her own phone.

Still, he was happy to use the phone of another fan to take a picture with her. The reason is the difference in phones!

The Korean tech company Samsung has a deal with Son Heung Min. So, he shouldn’t be seen with Apple’s iPhone, which is a different brand.


Son cant hold fans iphone to take a selfie due to his contract with samsung. #son #sonny #heuingminson #sonheungmin #spurs #tottenhamfc #tottenhamhotspur

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At the time of writing, 5.2 million people had watched the film. People on the Internet praised him for being loyal.

Also, Suga of BTS, who is also a Samsung ambassador, reportedly turned down ARMYs’ phones if they weren’t Samsung, telling them, “No iPhone! “Galaxy only!”

For an ad, we need Suga and Son Heung Min to work together.



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