“They should’ve done this sooner” — RIIZE members new hairstyles win hearts of netizens!

RIIZE‘s new hairstyles win the hearts of netizens!

RIIZE has set the internet on fire with their stunning new hairstyles, and netizens can’t stop raving about them.

The group recently shared their fresh looks on Instagram, leaving fans ecstatic and filling the comment sections with compliments.

All the members radiate confidence and handsomeness, and fans couldn’t be happier.

Here are some of the comments pouring in:

“Finally, they’re rocking those idol-worthy hairstyles! 😍😍”

“I actually liked their previous hair too, it gave them character and suited their concept.”

“Eunseok is solidifying his position as the visual king! 💫”

“Sungchan’s hairstyle had me screaming! It suits him so well!!!”

“Their hair looks amazing. They should’ve done this sooner.”

“I knew Sungchan would be back to looking stunning once his bangs grew out.”

“Honestly, Jung Sungchan looked handsome even before. Check out his NCT photos!”

“Sohee looks adorable, and Sungchan’s new hair suits him.”

“Sohee looks cute and stunning. He’s far from ugly; some people need glasses!”

“I’m loving Sungchan’s choppy bangs. He looks adorable!”

“Sungchan still resembles a deer more than a frog. SM can’t change my mind! 😂 Also, Seunghan with his bangs down looks super cute and boyish.”

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