“Do They Travel by Bus to Music Shows?” 24-Member Girl Group tripleS Snaps a Photo on the Iconic ‘Inkigayo’ Stairs

Netizens are abuzz over an epic group photo of tripleS.

On an online community, fans and netizens alike are discussing a recent snapshot of tripleS taken on the famed staircase at ‘Inkigayo,’ where the group performed their latest track, “Girls Never Die.”

Upon seeing the photo, one netizen humorously asked, “Do they commute to music shows by bus…?”

Surprisingly, the answer was yes.

This speculation was confirmed when another netizen shared a video of the girls alighting from a bus to arrive at ‘Music Bank.’

Others were amazed at how all the members managed to fit on the stairs, with one fan noting it resembled a “classroom group photo.”

This sparked a playful debate about whether the members felt like they were on a school field trip, given their number is comparable to an entire grade in some schools.

More reactions include:

“They look like they are on a school field trip”

“Can they even divide the parts equally?”

“I heard each of them gets like one to five seconds in a song”

“It feels like I’ve become a school principal…”

“Wow, they are all so pretty though”

“LOL, it looks like they need to PAY RENT for taking up those stairs”

“I love their new song”

“Very refreshing”

“I’ve never seen any group fill up that entire space before lol”

“Am I the only one who is a little scared”

“Do their albums distribute photo cards???”

“I bet some of them are still awkward with each other even while being in the same group…”

“I like their performance and the song, though”

In related news, tripleS recently achieved a milestone by exceeding 100,000 album sales for the first time with ‘ASSEMBLE24.’



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