“I’ve lost some baby fat” — Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang is almost unrecognizable with her new striking look

Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang, in her late twenties, talked about the changes in her life recently.

On the September 13th episode of MBC‘s “Radio Star” (episode 834), Tzuyang joined Kim Young Ok, Park Hana, and Lee Yujin as guests.

Kim Gura, who hadn’t seen Tzuyang in a while, noticed a change in her aura and complimented her appearance.

He asked if she had lost weight, to which Tzuyang replied, “My weight is the same, but I’ve lost some baby fat,” revealing her beauty secret.

Tzuyang also shared that she can’t eat as much as before these days. Instead, she focuses on making videos of herself trying new foods, like eating 10 meters of rice cake, 100 shrimp, 200 oysters, and 140 skewers.

Despite eating less quantity, Tzuyang still gained weight, going from 10 kg to 16 kg. She mentioned enjoying eating more than 100 plates of sushi, especially at revolving sushi restaurants, where she sometimes eats over 200 plates, needing extra dishes to satisfy her appetite.

However, she admitted that it’s challenging to consume as much food as before, saying, “I used to break records, like eating 20 packs of ramen or 100 cheese balls, but I don’t do that anymore.

She added, “I’m in my late twenties now, so maybe age plays a role in this change.



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