“This is weird!” Fans of Red Velvet who are angry say Irene’s company, SM Entertainment, is “pressuring” her to sign a new contract

SM hasn’t said anything about Irene‘s deal, nor has it said anything about Wendy, Joy, or Yeri‘s.

In the middle of all the K-Pop news, one story has shocked everyone and gotten a lot of attention, especially from die-hard Red Velvet fans.

A recent story from Star News Korea says that Irene from Red Velvet will not renew her contract with SM Entertainment. After that, there was a huge storm of reactions, guesses, and heated arguments.

According to a report from Star News Korea, Red Velvet hasn’t done much since their R to V concert in London in June 2023.

This could be because Irene’s contract renewal is unclear. This rumor has grown since the group hasn’t put out any new songs since December 2022, even though they promised fans in August that they would be putting out a third full album.

SM Entertainment hasn’t said anything about Irene’s deal, nor has it said anything about Wendy, Joy, or Yeri’s.

Fans of Red Velvet are upset by the management company’s silence and the latest report. They say that SM Entertainment is using the press to put too much pressure on Irene to sign a new contract.

The media’s suggestion that Irene‘s contract situation is to blame for the group’s lack of activities is a major point of disagreement. Many people see this as a way to force her to sign a deal.

Fans are also upset by rumors that if contract talks don’t go well, planned promotions and the highly awaited third album might be put on hold.

They say that this puts pressure on Irene and makes it look like she might be the reason why the group broke up.

Fans haven’t been shy about bringing up a previous incident between SM Entertainment and EXO members Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin. The story has echoes of that event.

The three had put out a statement saying that the agency had tried to use the other group members to put pressure on them to continue their contracts.

ReVeluvs were quick to find similarities and use this as proof that the company uses the same misleading tactics over and over again.

Fans are standing up for Irene and the other Red Velvet members, which shows how worried people are about how some entertainment agencies in South Korea work.

Over the years, people have talked about the tense past between SM and their artists.

As the story goes on, fans all over the world are looking for a conclusion that puts the members’ well-being and wants first.

Even with all of these worries, it’s important to remember the huge amount of pressure and duty that artists like Irene have to carry.

At the moment, everyone is looking at SM Entertainment, waiting for an official statement that will explain what’s going on.



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